Personal Training

Your training should be as personal and unique as you are. I specialize in tailoring health/fitness needs to the individual. We work as a team to challenge you!  If you need modifications, we make them.  I meet you where you are! However, where you start will not be where you end! Let us begin the journey together!

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Micro-Group Training

Getting in shape should also be FUN! With Joy and Strength's Micro-Group Training, not only will you continue to get a personalized program and coaching, but you will sweat and build strength as part of  a small class. Its time to build your workout Tribe!

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Set, Reach, and Exceed Your Goals!

Hiring a personal trainer has many benefits. Are you motivated on your own? Do you show up and do the work needed? Sometimes we become complacent with our daily lives. And many times, we get paralyzed to make the decisions about what steps to take. We need help setting goals. Do you need someone to help you follow through? Someone to learn from? Someone to guide you?

That is why I am passionate about Personal Training- I tailor your training to you.  Together, we build a relationship that not only gets you motivated and seeing results, but also keeps you making positive changes over time.

My own health journey is different than yours. However, there are some great things that helped me and that can also help you.

  1.  having a knowledgeable coach
  2. building a group of health minded buddies and support system
  3. following a fun and challenging training path

In 2005, after the birth of my fourth child, I found myself overweight, out of breath, and tired. I was unable to function in my body. Keeping up with my family and children was difficult. Over time, and with answered prayers, I was able to change my body, mind, and spirit for the better. Have those 3 things (a coach, a tribe, and a path) helped me move beyond where I could see myself then. And I'm excited to where I will continue to go! I want that same Strength and Joy for  you!

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Next Steps...

If what you have read and seen has sparked an interest in your heart to contact me about Personal or Micro-Group Training, please do so! I would love to talk fitness and strength with you! It will be my Joy!